Saint Patrick’s Message for Us Today

A Message for TODAY!

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Saint Patrick’s Message for Us Today


Today the city of Newport, RI, where I live, holds their annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade. I will don a green shirt and go to my friend Janet Fahey’s annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade party. Today, as I write this, I can smell the corned beef and cabbage cooking on the stove. After all, “Irish” came out as my second highest ethnicity in the DNA test., after Swedish.

What IS saint Patrick’s Day about, and does it have a message for us today?
Saint Patrick was an actual person, who most people believe lived from 385-461 CE. In my many books of the lives of Saints I have read that he was actually of British lineage, and was kidnapped by Irish pirates when he was just sixteen years old. He spent six years as a prisoner in Ireland, serving as a shepherd. In…

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